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QM Carpet Program  v.1.0

Study the position-space wave function with this tool. QM Carpet software displays the time evolution of the position-space wave function and the associated quantum-mechanical spacetime diagram, the quantum carpet.

Hertzsprung Russell (H-R) Diagrams  v.1.0

Hertzsprung-Russell (H-R) Diagrams model simulates Hertzsprung-Russell (HR or H-R) diagram for groups of stars. The diagram is a scatter plot of steller luminosity vs. stellar temperature.


Twin Paradox Program  v.1.0

Analyze the time dilation effect with this simulation. Twin Paradox software displays the effect of time dilation on a moving twin as seen from a stationary twin.

RLC Circuit Model  v.1.0

Study electricity and magnetism with this simulation. RLC Circuit model simulates a resistor,

Micrometer Model  v.1.0

Analyze a micrometer with this tool. The Micrometer Model shows the principle of operation and the physical parts of a real micrometer.?

Damped Driven Simple Harmonic Oscillator Model  v.1.0

Simulate ball dynamics with this tool. Damped Driven Simple Harmonic Oscillator model displays the dynamics of a ball attached to an ideal spring with a damping force and a sinusoidal driving force.

Solar and Lunar Eclipse Model  v.1.0

Study the occurrences of solar and lunar eclipses with this tool. Solar and Lunar Eclipse Model simulates the occurrences of solar and lunar eclipses. Moon's orbital inclination of 5.

Earth Orbit Model  v.1.0

Copernican theory illustration. Earth Orbit model illustrates the Copernican theory of Earth's orbit around the sun. The top window shows a view from outside the celestial sphere.

Random Walk 2D Model  v.1.0

Analyze a 2D random walk with this application. EJS Random Walk 2D Model simulates a 2-D random walk. You can change the number of walkers and probability of going a given direction.

Thin Film Interference  v.1.0

Light reflection and transmission simulation. Thin Film Interference model investigates reflection and transmission of light through a thin film.

RC Circuit Model  v.1.0

Analyze voltage source behavior with this simulation.RC Circuit models the dynamical behavior of a voltage source attached in series to a resistor and capacitor.

Radioactive Decay Model  v.1.0

Radioactive sample decay simulation. Radioactive Decay Model simulates the decay of a radioactive sample using discrete random events. It displays the number of radioactive nuclei as a function of time.

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